Saturday, July 18, 2009

what is . . . rain is what is

Okay, as per a previous post I'm a aspiring adept of "loving what is" a la Byron Katie (really a la Taoist philosophy). So "what is" here in the Northeast is rain, and then, rain and then just for a change, more rain. But when you rest with what is and stop wishing for things to be otherwise, you see the beauty that is there - waiting for you to notice. Here are some photographs from my garden, of plants graced by delicate droplets of water. Enjoy . . .

This, of course, is not a plant, but the windshield of a car covered with droplets and reflecting the beauty of dripping trees above.

And how lovely is this nasturtium, below, heavy with water, with one gigantic drop still clinging to a petal . . . . ?

This smoke bush with it's horizontal fan of leaves holds many beads of water, that seem to prefer to remain separate beads - not merging into a little stream that would run off the leaf immediately. Perhaps they prolong their life span by remaining as a droplet, before becoming a rivulet that falls off its support to be absorbed by mother earth.

Maybe these beads of water prefer to "sit" like silent monks in a temple allowing the process of evaporation, rather than to fall any further . . . ?? But then again, a monk would have no preferences . . . she/he would just accept what is . . . and as the moment changes . . . accept the next "what is". I'm learning so much by just noticing what little droplets of water do . . . and don't do! There's the key: they don't do - they just are.

Addendum: As I re-read the last two paragraphs here, I see that except for the last couple of sentences I am projecting my desires to "remain separate", "prolong life", "not be absorbed", "not fall any further" onto these pure, little drops of water - that just 'are what they are'. Good to know what I'm doing! Interesting how if you can catch and pull back your projections, you can learn a lot about what is going on inside.


  1. hi bonnie, beautiful pictures . . . there's so much rain and cloud and wind that it makes sense to come to terms with seeing it for what it is. then seeing it for what it might mean to you. have a peaceful day. steven

  2. Hi Bonnie, thank you so much for coming over to join my blog. I have just read some of your last posts, I like what I see very much.
    The rain is falling as persistently and pitilessly here as it is with you, it would be nice to go out just one day and not get drenched!
    Do you have Alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle) in your garden? Not only does this old-fashioned, hardy perennial have a beautiful name it is also a wonderful sight to behold when the leaves are sparkling with dew or raindrops.

  3. Yes, I'm in the Northeast too. Today is sunny but most of us do not feel as though we've even started summer...and it's July 18th! We should all be out on the lakes or in the rivers or at the beach.

    I like that you used your last paragraph to critique the previous two. It made me go back and re-read them as well. I may try that.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos and post!
    Love your blog

  5. A wonderful post on two of my favorite things, rain droplets on flower petals. Sometimes I liken them to Godly tears only flowers have the right to catch and hold for a time.

  6. Steven: Yes - what it is, and then what is means for me/us. Thank you.

    Friko: I don't have any lady's mantle - yet. Dew has a special qualitiy that is quite different from raindrops. Thanks for your comments.

    California Girl: I have done the re-read with an eye for my own projections a few times now. There is usually always something there that I can reclaim and inquire about.

    Linda: I'm glad you like the blog. I like yours as well.

    Here Under the Rainbow: What a beautiful image - godly tears that only flowers can hold . . . It gives a whole new quality to life when we can see the divine (as we define it) in everything.

  7. Hi - looks like I need to do the "re-read" (or at least a spell-check) a little more often! Please excuse the typos in my last comments. Just typing too fast . . . .

  8. Beautiful pictures. Love the rain - look at all of the wonderous things that it helps to create.

  9. Thank you for your sweet comments!!:)
    Namaste, Sarah

  10. Hello Bonnie

    beautiful drops doing what drops do best...sit...then maybe run...and maybe fall...but then they are not drops any more...

    I love your photos in the rain...

    happy days

  11. Your self-reflection and your ability to see where you are going, where you have been, where you are "in the moment" are wonderful. Rain, rain and of course, more rain...made me laugh. It's just been that kind of summer for us in this part of the world!! Mind you the sun is out today and though I'm feeling low I intend to take my chair outside and rest and relax and enjoy the day.

    Your photographs are stunning and yes, there is beauty wherever you need only to keep an open mind and open eyes.


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