Wednesday, June 10, 2009

okay, here's example #1 of NOT loving what is . . .

So . . . my daughter checked out this blog to read the posts about how I felt and dealt with her cancer "journey". In the last post, I shared how much we had been helped by following Byron Katie's philosophy of "loving what is" . . . Well . . . that's true . . . except . . . my daughter said, "Couldn't you have found another name than "Brooke" for me? It makes me sound like some adolescent, preppy cheerleader . . . So we love what is, but we don't love the name Brooke. I asked if she would have preferred "Gertrude" or "Hortense" . . . . . . . ( by now in the conversation we can hardly understand each other because we are laughing so hard) . . . and she suggested that I call her Nephertiti, Marie-Antoinette, Miss Piggy or Cleopatra . . . . I came up with Betty Boop or Lady Ga Ga. Maybe you have some suggestions????

Finally we did not settle on a nom de plume for her because we were just one-upping each other with silly names. So I think I will let "Brooke" remain as her name, for now, in those 3 past posts duly noting, however, her objections. So if you are going to read them try not to think of her as a Brooke, a cheerleader, or a preppy adolescent . . . guess she so loves what is (her real name and self) that she had trouble accepting what isn't. Huh? So, got that? Please substitute a name of your choosing for "Brooke" in the 3 posts about "cancer - my daughter . . ." LOL

Addendum: Didn't realize what a nice opportunity this would be to express my appreciation for your caring comments by creating a little give-away. So read the all posts on "cancer - my daughter . . ." from July 6th on, COMMENT, and in your comment come up with a name to replace "Brooke" (if that is your name, btw, please do not be offended. I love it. Somehow, it just did not click with my daughter). Tell me that you have created a LINK to this blog and I will put your suggested name "into the hat" TWICE. Tell me you have become a new follower and you get another entry. Then, click on my next post to see what the give-away is. It has a value of $100. USD. One suggestion per day, per person.

A suggested name will be chosen at random from among all found in the comments, and the person who suggested the name will be the recipient of the give-away. Since I am a new blogger and not well-known (yet), I will announce the recipient of the give-away on Monday, July 13, at 9:00 a.m. EST. That will hopefully allow a few names to accumulate! I will also change the name in the 3 posts about "Brooke" to the one selected by one of you.

Since I am having trouble commenting on some blogs please check back here to see if the name you suggest is chosen, and to make sure I can contact you to get your address.


  1. That's what I love to hear...laughter!! It is what gets us through the dark times, and the good times...and it releases those wonderful endorphins.

    Brooke makes me think of Brooke Shields and I think your "Brooke" needs a warrier Xena!! lol!!!

  2. Oh, you are so right - a warrior name. I love Xena. Anyone else? Sherry Lee you're making me think this could be a give-away. Hmmmm.

    Thank you all your input!


  3. How abour River,as she seems to go with the flow and has the strength of one it would seem!! I love Xena too - lol!! Sarah

  4. So Sherry Lee and Sarah, unless you inform me otherwise, I will enter your suggested names in the give-away challenge. Thank you - you two really gave me the idea to do it!!

  5. Sounds like a great idea Bonnie! I'll stick with Xena...put it in the hat!! :)

  6. I was laughing along with you two on coming up with names! Sounds like our family trying to name a stray animal that befriends us! The most ridiculous names spew forth and the sillier the better. Eventually, we end up with a "Sam" or some really simple name. And no...Sam isn't the name I'd pick but Brooke didn't signify a cheerleader to me either! I'll be thinking of a name and enter..BUT NOT SAM!

  7. I think Brooke has a peaceful sound. But it is your daughter's stage name, so she should have what she likes. I had a cat named Gertrude and I have a cat now named Margaret. I had a wonderful dog named Chloe and have always liked the name. So I say Chloe for her new name.


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