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My world has certainly been enriched (perhaps transformed) by some of the contacts I have made with talented and insightful bloggers. It is delightful to have perceptions tweaked, assumptions challenged, compassion aroused, tears evoked, and windows to new vistas opened. Have you found Jung's words to be true with the cyber connections you make while blogging? How have any of your reactions to images, words, intent, personalities, diverse points of view on blogs you browse transformed you?Posted by Picasa


  1. I have noticed this, and wonder if it isn't some sort of phenomenon like...teamwork. You can't get there from here on your own, but if you add a few other personalities along the way, your progress is almost geometrically enhanced!

    Great post. And even greater thought process!


  2. Oh absolutely Bonnie! I am, every day, astounded at how transformed I have been by this experience. I have met some of the most amazing people - people who, despite being total strangers, offer unconditional love and support. People who do not place judgement or expectation on others. People who accept and reward.
    This is a wonderful environment that restores my faith in humankind.

  3. I have long been a Jungian, since studying Psych at Ryerson here in Toronto. There is something that has always spoken of truths to me in Jung's approach.

    I believe this quote is true of any encounter we have in life, no matter how we meet people...when that connection is made that resonates with such a hum, we cannot help but be transformed by the other person.

    Blogging allows us to meet ever more people than we would without and internet connection through cyber space. Like souls are easier to spot!

  4. hi bonnie . . .what a great question . . . when i first clicked on "create blog", i hadn't planned on much more than posting whatever came to mind and see if anybody cared!!! what has emerged - well it's still emerging - is a chance to have a look at the state of things both inside and outside my self, and to learn from others - very often clever, creative others like yourself - in that way, the blogging world allows for webs of connection to form that despite their "virtual" nature have a quality of essence about them that allows for transformation. "efh"'s comment really resonates for me. have a lovely day. steven

  5. I have met some wonderful people online that I never would have met otherwise, people from all over the world who I consider friends, people who have changed who I am now.

  6. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for visiting my blog - here I am on a reciprocal visit and I found your piece most interesting. Blogging friendships are indeed wonderful in many ways. I feel a close link with some of my readers - we comment upon each others writing and have a joke - and it has really enriched my life. When I was in New York earlier this year I met elizabeth of About New York and we got on really well. I have since met up with another blogger who lives in my area. Nice to meet you too. I love Eastern Canada, having had several holidays there - Maritime, Nova Scotia etc. It is the most wonderful country. Look forward to reading more of your posts - call on me again.

  7. I have had the most positive experience with blogging. I have met some of the most amazing women. I have made friendships that I would have missed out on otherwise. Some feel like long lost family and others soul mates.
    You have some of the best posts I've read and I'm so happy you came my way! Thank you!

  8. Oh yes! Without my internet compadres I wouldn't have the energy to persevere. I value these connections as much as my real time friends! Well said post!

  9. I have some blog friends that I feel are my friends. My life has been enhanced by my connections. My problem is, i am normally too busy to keep expanding my blog list and I know there are so many more out there. I'm glad I stumbled upon you.

  10. EFH - Audrey - Linda S. - Sherry Lee - Steven - Jazz - Weaver of Grass - Cathy - Julie - Sandra:

    Thank you for all that affirmation and for the examples you gave. Isn't it amazing that so many of us value this experience of blogging so highly. When I have informed some friends that I do this, they roll their eyes (almost in derision laced with pity or amusement) . . . "yooouuu blog???!!?" - Yeessssss I do - and proudly!

    I have been awe-struck by images, stories, insights, knowledge I have found on all your blogs and others. But the BEST thing about blogging are the bloggers themselves - YOU. Thank you for inviting me into the world you share on your blogs and for visiting mine here.

  11. Hello Bonnie

    I hadn't read this quote of Jung's before, and I think it is good summary of the processes that are occurring as we meet and share both here and elsewhere. I am a great Jung fan, especially useful when I was working with sandplay and symbol therapy and other expressive therapies that I trained in and utilized in my counselling practice.

    I have meet many genuine and interesting people in this cyber world and while I do have some reservations about how well we may gel in the real world I do value and enjoy the relationships for what they are. There are a number of people that I would definitely make an effort to meet if I was in their vicinity.

    It is funny, that like in the real world, you can often tell right from the word go whether you are compatible with a new blogger, based on those gut instinctual feelings...

    Happy days

  12. Delwyn: You express an important point. We do have to recognize that while enriching, cyber connections are limited. We present the best of ourselves, and probably idealize the some of the qualities of those who are presenting the best of themselves to us.

    However, within the limits of what is possible in cyber world - there are new territories to explore and enriching things to learn.

    So on a cautionary note, know that the connections made are provisional, limited, work within the context, but perhaps not outside of the context.

    Thanks for pointing that out Delwyn.

  13. Hi Bonnie: I love the quote by Jung, and yes, I have had this experience blogging. Maybe it's even more profound than meeting people in person because we don't have to go through the social sizing-up that occurs when we see each other face to face; and the small talk; and the putting of other people into artificial contexts. Lovely thoughts and post.

    Thank you for your recent kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. That post generated a lot of traffic! Best....Sallymandy

  14. Reflection, appreciation, prompts from the images, musings and reach of the blogger - a community of expression. The decision to post, the process in completion, the interface of what was with what is, pieces, new wholes, a kaleidoscopic happening!

    APOGEE Poet


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