Friday, July 17, 2009

life and beauty go on, regardless . . .

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A picture of a yellow begonia in my garden, with quotation from Pierre Auguste Renoir. To understand the context of this post, you need to read the previous post.


  1. Gorgeous... and yes, life goes on.

  2. that is one incredible flower and one super picture!

  3. Hello Bonnie

    I think that I am really going to like your blog. From what I can see we have a number of thinks in common...

    One little tip for you:
    Instead of googling your blog title each time put it on your toolbar via the bookmark process and then it is always there in front of you when you open up your search engine.

    Happy days

  4. Thank you Jayne.

    Thank you drollgirl.

    Delwyn - I agree, that's why I became a follower of your blog. Thanks for the tip - it done!

  5. The yellow begonia... flowers, the frivolity, smiles, joy, empathy, passion, knowing of nature's soul...

    A most fitting tribute to a life known to love. For loss, solace be my prayer.

  6. hello! I am so out of touch with my blog lately that I just now noticed your cute little button there. You will have to excuse me but I live in Minnesota which means that we only get like 1.5 months of summer sun and I need to be out soaking up as much Vitamin D as I can. But hold on come winter I will be annoyingly around :)

    thanks and stop by again and let me know I will put the coffee on, or tea- whatever you drink.

    and feel free to comment away - I love it

  7. hi bonnie, i read yesterday's post and was saddened by the terrible synchronicity of the couple's choice to sit where they wished and the death of the woman.
    it is easy to wrap trauma around your experiencing of the world after something like this. harder to feel, and accept the flow of life and beauty.
    but it happens.
    have a peaceful day. steven

  8. Truly inspiring words. And a beautiful photograph!

  9. Sherry Lee: thank you for commenting.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi: What can I say - your words seduce and console me.

    Just Jules: What a welcoming, generous heart you have! I will keep dropping in on you.

    Steven: Yes. My fearful ego often steps in a drives some of my reactions. Thank you for the reminder about accepting the flow of life . . .


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