Friday, July 31, 2009

Hell - well sort of . . .

Okay, I'm not going through hell - just little, momentary, mini versions of the inevitable frustrations in life that feel hell-like.
Last night I wrote a long article on an amazing book about how to cure chronic pain. I had several photographs and felt I had written a good, clear, well-edited post. I published it. But in looking at the article in my blog it was clear to me that one photo needed to be larger - so I enlarged it. Enlarged, it became blurry. I thought, well that photograph is not essential to the story, I will delete it. So I went into Edit Posts, thought I was deleting the pic, and I deleted the whole &!#! post. A couple of hours work - for naught! That felt like a little mini-hell. At that point I was too tired to keep going. I threw in the towel and went to bed frustrated, but determined to start over in the morning.
Now, as I type this indulgent exercise in self-pity, the itsy-bitsy, mini-hell I am experiencing is that I cannot get the text to align left. So each line in these paragraphs is centered. Grrrhaaghh. Mini-hell. Keep going.
I have had bronchitis now for 10 days. Antibiotics seem to have helped, but I am experiencing extreme fatigue and feel unusually weak. I can't do all the things I want to do. Mini hell. Keep going.
What mini hell-like frustrations have you experienced recently? How do you follow Churchill's advice and keep going?
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  1. My aunt falling and breaking her hip and all that involves of drama and stress and oh damn, I just don't want to get into it...

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  4. When we're not well, almost everything we do or try to do is hellish. You're tired and fatigued, fighting a viral illness...ergo your concentration is "futzed" (I love to make up words by the way!). Seems to me your body is saying, "hello Bonnie, could we just relax, rest and mend and blogging can wait until we're up to it??" :)

    One of the things I learned early about blogging is "blogging without obligation" when you want, when you feel like it -- it needn't be every day...then it can become a chore more than something you enjoy.

    I'll be the mother now -- plenty of liquids, let your body rest and heal and nap, read, watch mindless's okay to just "be". ♥

  5. that fabulous post you sent showed up in my google was great! but when i clicked on your site link to see it better, it said no such post existed! whaddaya mean no post existed? i just read it?

    as for my mini-hell - i'd have to say it's my friends the little ants that have moved into my kitchen for the past week....nothing has worked to get rid of them - i've even caught myself talking to them! so we are learning to co-habitate :)


  6. hi bonnie, i noticed that post went flying off when i went to read it. hmmmm. i am with sherry lee and i'll underscore her kind suggestions with a mantra that i try to adhere to "be kind to yourself". no one will judge you more harshly than yourself if you don't do things, or don't do them well. for the most part, the "world" understands what it's like to be unwell. so be first in line to provide an act of kindness to your body when it's unbalanced. have a peaceful day. let the little hells go back where they came from!!! steven

  7. Well Bonnie, we have the builders in, and normally that would be hell but the builder is so good and so laid back himself that his attitude transmits itself to those around him.
    Isn't there a saying - if you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs? (Kipling?) i am sure the bronchitis has something to do with your mini-hells. Keep going, as he said!

  8. Jazz: Hope your aunt recovers quickly.

    I deleted two of your comments because I realized your e-mail address was in them - not because they were in any way inappropriate!

    :) Thanks again for your help!

  9. Sherry Lee:

    That's it - it wasn't hell at all - I was feeling "futzed" :) great word !!!!

    Your suggestions are so wise and so kind. I'm going to take your advice and just go with what is. Actually, my body is wise too, because it is not giving me any other choice.

    Thanks for your caring comments.

  10. Roberta:

    Well, you were right - it was there briefly, and now thanks to Jazz it is back.

    I talk to the animals too - but have not talked to ants yet . . . will give it a try. Are you telling them to head for the door?

  11. Steven:

    You are right! Saying "let the hells go back where they came from" . . . is just what I will do. The hell was only in my mind anyway.

    That's what I love about you fellow bloggers:
    when my thinking is skewed (is that a word?) you come in here and offer a little tweak - and whoops I'm back on track again.


  12. Weaver,

    How lucky you are to have builders who bring a good attitude along with them.

    I will certainly keep going in the grand scheme of things, but for a brief moment I am going to listen to my body and not do a thing.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. I have small problems here and there, but the frustrating things are usually of my own doing...when I don't know when to quit and just make it worse...and I so agree with Sherry Lee's statement about "blogging without obligation" does make for a more enjoyable experience.

  14. been there, done that!!! SO FRUSTRATING! hope you can take breaks, get better, and that all is back on track soon!

  15. Hi Bonnie

    I have noticed that the blogging editing is far from perfect and deleting can often take off more than you want.
    Other times I have no luck in changing the font size - it gets stuck in a previous setting.

    The best thing I have found to do at those times is say F*** very loudly, just once will do, and breathe...and SLOW down...

    My wise son said if you are writing a long post that takes time and effort write it in a text doc and bring it over. Do NOT EVER bring over docs from Word, they come laden with gobbledegook that plays with your settings and home pages settings etc very high risk....
    I have done it a few times and had to get the blog doctor to fix things....

    I am glad someone copied it for you, so that we eventually have the benefit of a great review...

    Happy days

    Happy days

  16. Wanda:

    Makes sense to me too - no obligation.

  17. Delwyn:

    Good advice.

    Thanks for heads up about not bringing documents over to Blogger from Word. I have some writings I was thinking of moving here from there - sounds like you saved me a lot of trouble.


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