Tuesday, June 9, 2009

have I stuck my heart in where it doesn't belong?

I've noticed a funny, little thing that has been happening to me with this blog. I am still googling the name of the blog to bring it up on the screen. However, almost every time I go to type in the name . . . I catch myself hesitating - waiting to remember the name. Huh? It is the same name as my Etsy Shop - so what's going on? Why does my mind balk at bring up the name of my own blog?

I thought about it and wondered if it was a signal (from me to me) that Original Art Studio is not the right name for this blog. I am not showing a lot of my art, I am not talking about fine art, I have not been featuring other artists as I intended. Yes, there are many forms of art and artistry. I am sharing my efforts at photography - yet the name does not seem to fit. I find I want to write in this blog more than create a gallery of my art.

I want to keep the same avatar, and I want to make it easy to connect the name of the blog to the name of my etsy shop. But WHAT is the fact that I can rarely recall the name of the blog telling me? Well, "change it, dumb-cluck" seems obvious! Being new in the blogging world, (oh! you couldn't tell :-) I wasn't sure what would happen to the blog if I changed the name and I realized I was risking all the links, amazing interest, and credibility already created on google. Anyway, while in a sleepy stupor late last night (accent on stupor), I changed the name to something I thought would still relate to my Etsy Shop, OriginalArtStudio. I renamed the blog: "Original Heart Studio". (So cutesy, putesy!) Late at night it seemed appropriate, sincere, romantic, revealing - but this morning - not so much. My rational was that since I am trying to speak from the heart here (truly, I am) . . . maybe it would describe my intentions more accurately. So I changed the name everywhere I could find it in the blog. I kept the word, "original", because using it here and at Etsy is the only way I will ever be . . .

Now when I sign in, sometimes I get "Original Heart Studio", and other times "Original Art Studio". In my latest check in - I found a mixture of the two. Hmmmmmm. I actually felt a sigh of relief the time I checked in and everything was back to the original name. Phew, not exposed as a flake after all! I figured Blogspot had rejected my efforts to remake the blog - and that, too, might be a sign.

All that to say, I think the blog is now really reflecting my essential quirkiness. Sometimes its one thing - and just when you think you have it figured out - it becomes something else. I hope you can bear (I really, really wanted to type "bare") with it. (It tickles me to think of you stripping down to read my blog.) Let me know if quirky blogs, this one in particular, annoy you; which name you prefer; and if you really think I should just go and jump in the lake. (Well, I only have a rock-filled stream - so remember if you tell me to jump in the lake - it could result in serious injury . . .)

In the meantime, until I figure out what I want, we will all have to bare with (or is it bear with) whatever is written up there in the header, etc. ;-) Oh, btw, I am considering starting a recovery group called: "Quirks Barely United".


  1. Bonnie, you can be anything you want to be at any time. You are changing, evolving all the time. Chaining yourself to one thing that may not best describe you is foolish, yes? So becoming "Original Heart Studio" makes perfect sense. And I happen to like the name.

    At one time I had 5 blogs on the go, all for different parts of who I am. I deleted them and stayed with 2...one of which still stands (Abreast In the World). I had been at Esprit d'Art for a long time and my etsy shop had the same name. Early in the new year I deleted the blog completely and changed my etsy shop to Bella Rennie. I think evolved with my latest and current blog where I really feel "in my skin".

    Am I quirky? You bet!! And doesn't it feel wonderful??! :)

  2. I like it! I started a blog on impulse, so when I needed to name it I put my farm name into it because I have been so used to linking everything to my business. I added 'This and That' because I knew I would talk about nearly everything under the sun. If I were to start over I'd leave out my farm name, but in the end I don't think it matters. BTW, I like quirky.

  3. Why not keep your URL blog address the same and place it below the title of your blog. Thus you could change the title of your blog whenever you like but keep the URL the same and place it under the title of your blog. The URL address and your etsy name being the same and always following on from the title of your blog.
    Does that make sense?
    Anyway,don't worry, any quirkyness is embraced!

  4. Sherry Lee: You are so fine. So appreciate your input.

    Sandra: I actually like the combo of your farm's name and the "this and that" - thanks for all your encouragement and affirmation -especially now when you must be in pain with a broken wrist. I know the implications for you of breaking your wrist go way beyond bones and pain. You have a farm and animals to look after and I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have to conscript others to do what you normally and joyfully do. Hang on . . . it's cliche, but this too will pass.

    Gleaner: What good ideas! If I can do that, then I will take time to think up a new name altogether. Ori. Heart St. was really a sort of compromise to sound close to Ori.Art Studio. It's wonderful to have so many great minds working with me on solving these problems. Thanks.

  5. Ok...I'm quirky, too. I opened up a blogger account ages ago and never wrote a single post. Out of the blue, the gurus told me I needed to do a blog..business stuff which I am sure is what you went through. Then this marvelous cathartic process started to take place. It became a place to write about things I was thinking and NOT about the business. Yet the name stayed the same as it was the name of the business. I often wanted to change, but just can't seem to get my feet out of the cement. So go ahead..be quirky..I enjoy the read no matter the name!

  6. I like the new name. I think that it suits the voice you use here. Blogging is a strange thing. Months ago, I wrote a piece where I compared bloggers to knitters - the beginnners, the intermediates and the pros. I describe the pros as having established patterns to their posts. I am NOT a pro. Mine is here, there, and everywhere. Whatever mood strikes, that is what I post. A tad schizophrenic at times, I fear. Ah well! I still love it, as I can tell you do. It is an amazing community - accepting of whatever it is we have to offer.

  7. I know others who have changed their blogs header name, but the blogspot addy remains the same. Guess Blogger sees a new name as a "new" blog and so that's why once you start one with a certain name, the URL will always be that, even though the header name can say something else. My blog started truly as a reflection place of my life and faith, and then morphed into sort of a bird blog as well, and it would shock me to find it listed as a "birding blog" and so I put a link to all the bird posts at the top of the sidebar so those who didn't care about my other quirky posts could find the dang birds. Oh well. I think it's whatever you WANT it to be Bonnie. It has your stamp on it, and it's all yours to do any darn thing you please! :c)

    Thanks so much for the thoughts and light in regards to my dad. Have a beautiful day.


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