Friday, July 24, 2009


Is there somewhere that you need to dab the fragrance of forgiveness today? Holding on to our resentments eats away at our body, mind and spirit and has been shown to create dis-ease. This beautiful quotation by Mark Twain reminds us to release our resentments, to forgive for the sake of the other and self. And what about shedding a little of the fragrance of forgiveness on yourself? Are there, perhaps, ways you have not forgiven yourself?


  1. Wiser words were never spoken (or written). Easier said than done, but I have found it to be true that forgiveness is more for myself than the other perosn. And self-forgiveness is so important.

    Thank you, Bonnie. And I appreciate your very kind comment on my post last week about simplifying.

    Have a lovely Friday.

  2. hi bonnie - what a beautiful piece of thinking from mark. i find forgiveness is something arrives with time and perspective. if you can provide it to a relationship - of any sort - spousal, familial - it allows for such an opening up, a moving on, a more fully present way of being, that you wonder why it took so long to arrive at. but it sometimes does. it opens you up to yourself as you suggest. by accepting that you mess up, that you are not what you wish, you allow yourself acccess to the simple truth that you are in fact an extraordinary and unique individual, a worthy and lovely person.
    forgiveness has been a life-changing even on several occasions in my life and has opened wide doors that would otherwise have been closed to my deep loss!!! have a lovely day bonnie. steven

  3. Nope, no forgiveness due today. I have a certain amount of energy to devote to my day. Resentment uses a lot of energy that I have way better uses for.

  4. What a lovely post and a beautiful quote. I find forgiveness so easy except for one person in our lives. It seems the moment we let it go the person wants to fuel it back up again. I can't understand it and likes a cancer the dislike grows. We all pray on this person to have a change of heart and move on. We can't change her so we've changed how we react to the things that are said and the situations that we are put into. In the past, I would have "moved away" from the person but there's not an option with this situation. I want to be a good example to our children and "turning the other cheek" and talking out "flare ups" has worked best. I firmly believe in professional help as well and it has helped us as a family sort out hurt feelings.
    Your posts are very thought provoking. I like that!

  5. hello, Crafty Bonnie, I used you name in vain today. My Muskoka tells the story.

  6. Life teaches us so much. One of the things I had struggled with for many years was forgiveness. Not that I was dwelling on hurts or injustices, but they were there and just "part of me". My cancer taught me so much (and is still teaching me things). Forgiveness...I've given it, to others and to myself. There is a sense of lightness and vibrancy when you no longer carry those chains with you.

    Forgivenes is not forgetting. A great many hurts and injustices will stay with us and act as good reminders of the way we don't want to be or don't want to act. Forgiveness allows us to rise above that.

    Thanks for a great reminder!

  7. Wow - I hope people are reading the comments!
    So far SallyMandy, Steven, Jazz, Cathy, Jenn and Sherry Lee have left so much valuable content in their comments that we can think about. Thank you all!

  8. I read all the comments Bonnie...and I agree...I would not want to waste a second of my life in negative thoughts...My one regret is not being able to convince my mother, before she died, of letting go of past hurts and forgive her brother...her inactions caused her pain and left lingering effects as well.

  9. I come from a background that holds on to every single slight that may have ever occurred. I never saw anyone seem happy from this habit. So I don't do it. I forgave my horse for knocking me down and helping me break my wrist. This is a thoughtful topic.

  10. Love the quote. And now that you ask, there is one person...

  11. Hello Bonnie

    There was a book called 'cutting the ties that bind' and that is how I see forgivenness - we hold onto those chains for as long as we like then we can decide to cut through them and free ourselves. Mostly we can only forgive and release ourselves.
    It takes more energy to hold onto the chain than to be free of it...

    Happy days

  12. Beautiful! I was like you posted this just for me!

  13. Wanda, Sandra, Nancy, Delwyn and Missy:

    Thank you for your comments and valuable insights. Big topic that affects everyone in one way or another.

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for reminding me to forgive others and myself. It's something that I have to consciously do everyday, no matter how big or small the transgressions are. It is a clean slate that we all need everyday.

    Have a great day.


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