Wednesday, July 22, 2009

edible flowers and greens

This my little herb garden - although the herbs are barely visible because of the edible nasturtiums tucked in with them. I have the herb pots on a bench on a deck because hungry little herbivores eat them down to the quick if planted on the ground where they can reach them.

Of course, the ground hogs and the rabbits leave the poisonous rhubarb leaves alone. I did see one rabbit lying under these umbrella-like leaves enjoying the stained-glass effect when the sun shines through. Or that's what I liked to imagine he was doing. I wouldn't mind tucking in there for an afternoon.

This is the mommy or daddy rabbit who is quite accustomed to humans. I think he signalled the younger ones to "high-tail" it out of there while he hung out as the decoy because two ran off as I approached. It is 4:30 p.m. - supper hour. They come out at this time almost every day to graze on clover they find in the grass. I had some lettuce in my hand, so that may be why he hung around a little longer than the rest. Dads spot these kind of things. :)

Below are chives mixed with edible pansies which always add a certain "je ne sais quoi "
sprinkled over a salad or strategically place on a plate. And my favorite nasturtiums with tarragon behind. They, too, look pretty on a plate and have a peppery, radish-like taste.

. And here is bunny's all time favorite - leafy lettuce!
That's it folks. A few photos are all I can manage for today. I have a wicked sore throat that hurts even when not swallowing and am heading back to bed. Guess I should have been eating more of my vitamin-filled greens!


  1. hi bonnie, these are beautiful photographs! everything looks so lush and colourful!!
    i have a soft spot for rabbits, even though they do eat much of what we plant!! last year we had a family of rabbits live through the winter on our property. i put out food for them every day because i couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were surviving on. then when spring came they ate almost everything that came up!!!! i didn't mind a bit because it was fun to watch them do their thing!!! get better soon bonnie. have a peaceful day. steven

  2. I love rhubarb, my mother used to grow some in our back yard. I can't help but wonder who discovered one day that the stalks were yummy but the leaves not so much. Something of a "oops" moment I imagine.

    I was going to fill my balcony with pots of herbs this summer. Nary an herb to be found on there. I keep figuring this is the year I'll garden on the balcony and somehow I never can get up the enthusiasm for it beyond thinking I should do it.

  3. Enjoyed these morning moments in your garden, at your side as you described the wonder of your garden play. I too, would join your rabbit under the light filled "stained glass." Your reference brought to mind the majestic all around us.

    Be well.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love flowers, could you tell! LOL That lettuce looks yummy too. Such a lovely green!

  5. Hi Bonnie - hope the sore throat soon goes away. I like it that you are prepared to share some of your produce with the rabbits.

  6. A lovely way to grow your produce and herbs. It looks so lush! The rabbits are leaving the garden alone, I think they have enough of their own wild food to eat. I did discover rabbits fancy fennel. I put it in and they took it out. Not fair. I wouldn't mind if they helped themselves to some lettuce, as I have much more than I can eat.

  7. Beautiful Work!

  8. hello Bonnie

    I hope that you are recovering, rest up ...

    the gardens are beautiful. I am very partial to rhubarb, we grew up on it in NZ and now I buy it from the Farmers' market. I love it with crumble.

    The lettuce looks very perky. I must put some in a pot. My tomatoes are now showing miniature fruits. I didn't look closely for a couple of days and then there they were...

    Take care

    Happy days

  9. Hi Bonnie, such a beautiful garden you have. It looks so cool & refreshing. Oh how I long for cool & refreshing!

  10. I have to tell you..I love rhubarb! I think it is something you have to be raised with to appreciate. My favorite is in sauce over vanilla ice cream. Doesn't that sound good? I say that only because I would love to be that rabbit in your garden eating all those fine herbs and lettuce! That is way more to my liking...and I'll have a couple of those pretty flowers in my salad too, please! Beautiful pics!

  11. Thank you everyone for visiting my tiny herb garden and for all your sweet comments. Blogs help one feel better when ill, I'm finding.

    For those of you who mention you love rhubarb - me too! A rhubarb pie is one of the most coveted desserts in this family. But living here in Quebec, I have found out the hard way not to offer anything with rhubarb in it to French Canadians. They view it as a sour, astringent weed to be avoided at all costs. So as Alicia says - you have to be raised eating it to appreciate it. I also love rhubarb crumbles and put rhubarb sauce on toast in the morning - mmmmm, and over yoghurt - yummy!

  12. HOW PRETTY are those greens! I want some in my garden!

  13. Sore throat?! Do you have any ginger? If you do chop up into tiny bits and drink with hot water, lemon and honey!

    The greens look delicious!

  14. Beautiful work. Everything looks so lush and healthy. I just put a link to your comment about Canadian health-care. I hope you don't mind. I loved what you wrote. Peace.


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