Sunday, June 21, 2009

water, leaf - that's all

The day after a rainfall, I discovered little beads of water, unevaporated, perfectly formed, acting as a magnifying glass, being cradled by a nasturtium leaf. Sheer simplicity. So delicate and exquisite to my eye.
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  1. Hello Bonnie. I absolutely love capturing the droplets of water..on everything, everything!

    I received your note about converting your blog over to a wider screen size but am not sure exactly what type you are looking for. Did you want something such as my photos blog is? Or more like what Jen has? My photos blog is a little more technical to do but can be done fairly easily. The one as Jen's is, is just a basic change of setting in the templates section of the settings.

    To make the change to one like Jen's, you will lose no widgets on your sidebar - atleast, you shouldn't, I can't make a promise of that but you don't have too many here so you can copy/paste the codes onto microsoft notepad and them reload them afterward.

    To change to the type of layout that I have, it will delete those widgets but as I have not many, and to save the codes onto notepad, it would be easy enough.

    Let me know what you're looking for and I'll be happy to help you out. Also, if you take a peek in at my free backgrounds blog, you can have a photo type background like on my photos blog.

    Lots of confusion there, huh? Hope it all makes sense for you - but I will gladly help with your transition when you're ready :)

  2. Your blog is lovely, I love the water droplets.

    Renee xoxo


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