Wednesday, June 17, 2009

no embellishments

These photographs are of some of the incredible "raw" materials here on our property. In this one, moss grows on a sizable piece of stone.
This is the trunk (turned sideways) of an old pear tree. Our neighbor who used to own all the land around here estimates that it is over 125 years old. Part of the trunk is hollow making a wonderful place for local squirrels to play hide 'n seek. In spite of being hollow it still is lush with leaves and produces a light crop of pears which the local critters eat with relish. I love this withered tree - it refuses to relinquish life as if insisting we see the beauty of its age. When it is windy, this old tree emits a sort of eerie, squeaky groan. Spooked me out when I first heard it! Thought someone was sending out a crippled plea for help. Children are both enthralled and wary if it groans in their presence, wondering if it is talking to them, or if a "monster" lives within.

Old field stones, rounded and weathered by the years. Like the trees they stand as silent witnesses to all the human lives that hurry to and fro around them.

Is this what moon rock looks like?

Another beautiful tree trunk, which I have turned only slightly sideways for this shot. It is one trunk of three, making up one tree and this trunk stretches out horizontally, leaning over our garden shed. When I imagine it falling and crashing into the shed, I try to remember the depth of roots which hold it in place. Great metaphor when we think of those who are a little "off kilter" among us.

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