Sunday, June 21, 2009

hmmm - what's in a name?

In my quest to have a great blog, I decided I needed to be able to send and receive comments by Twitter. Since I do not have Twitter, I had to apply, and choose the name I wanted. Well, I wanted it to be the same as the name of this blog and of my Etsy shop, "Original Art Studio". So far, so good.
The thing is, Twitter accepts a maximum of only 15 characters in the name. So now my official name on Twitter is: "ORIGINALARTSTUD". I love it. ;) It tickled my fancy, so I decided to keep it!
If you receive a tweet from "OriginalArtStud", do not get too excited -- it's only me, bonnie, and not some fabulous artsy dude wanting to connect with you! Original Art Stud really goes well with my avatar too, don't you think? (Avatar/above photo by professional photographer, Marilyn Gherashe.)

Signed: OriginalArtStud a.k.a. OriginalArtStudio (bonnie)

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