Wednesday, June 24, 2009

experience as encrypted message

This quotation by Ralph Waldo Emerson (superimposed on a portion of one of my paintings) always provokes some personal inquiry for me. What message is my current life experience sending me? What ungrasped truth is encoded in what I am living? What lesson am I missing? What solution do my own actions hold, that I am not yet understanding? I always assumed that a skillful life would mean that awareness and understanding would precede action. (And, of course, sometimes they do.) But Emerson is suggesting that our actions and experiences may be an encrypted map to meaning and truth, and precede understanding. I think this is the hidden attraction of therapy. As we examine our life in concert with someone else, we sometimes break the code and finally get what our unique experience of life is trying to tell us. In fact, beyond understanding, Emerson says our "condition is a solution in heiroglyphic". The answer/solution, according to Emerson, is in the very life we are leading. We just have to slow down and examine it. Our life is our unique solution - what empowerment! Each of us is a mystery, and encoded in our present life experience, is the solution to our existential inquiries. Perhaps it is mindfulness that helps unravel the mystery . . .
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  1. Lovely post and quite thought provoking. BTW, you are the winner to my Birthday Challenge!

  2. Love this post and I for one, agree wholeheartedly!

    thanks, Bonnie, for always making us think~

  3. Well this could not be more apt for today...
    Doing lots of thinking about this kind of thing in the shower this morning and then coincidentally (???) clicked on this post. My blogging life would not be nearly as interesting without you, Bonnie.


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